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Summer Concession Workers

SBAA Concessions Workers Needed
Is your child looking for a small summer job?  Then please read this entire email if they want to work concessions for SBAA.  We prefer they are 15 years of age or older, but will take 14 year olds if they think they can handle it.  We do not do interviews for these positions.  If your child is interested they can automatically be on the list, but then the ones that show us they are good workers will get first chance at the shifts and others might not be working as much.  There is also no formal training, but our concessions coordinator will meet with the new workers as they are scheduled to give some overview of the job. They should have good people skills, good math skills (they will be adding up product prices and giving change), be able to work well when it gets busy and be willing to grill.  Parents have first chance at our concession shifts in order to get their volunteer fee back but then we have teens to fill in when parents are not able to.  So how it works is I send available shifts out by email to the teens and if they are able to work they just email me back and then I confirm the schedule with them.  Shifts may be available on weekdays and weekends, but no amount of hours is guaranteed - the teens just get the hours the parents don't take.  The starting salary for this position is $7.75 per hour.  Our season starts May 1st and goes through the first weekend of August and then we have concession shifts for fall ball also.  It is a great job for someone starting out that wants flexibility to just take hours that work for them.  We did raise our family volunteer fee this year so it is hard to know how many teens will be needed so this is not a job they should think they will get a ton of hours from.  We have concession stands at Ham Lake Lion's and City Parks and at East Bethel Booster Park so those are the locations they would be working at.  This can be a position for our ball players or their siblings.

Things teens should know when working the stands:


  1. You may want to practice adding up some of the prices you know we have and counting money back to your parents or someone.You will be quicker and look more confident if you have practiced!If you can tell one of you is better with money and someone else is better on the grill then make sure you are doing what you are comfortable at.

  2. Try to be aware of when games are almost over so you have a lot of hot dogs/hamburgers ready at that time.

  3. When you have slow times make sure you are restocking and having a system so you know what is warm and what is cold.Also try to keep things clean when it is slow, sweeping and wiping counters during the evening is a must.

  4. Please DO NOT have your friends come to visit you while you are working and do not be on your cell phone.You can have your phone near you in case Corryn needs to call you but you can only check it for personal messages if you have an emergency situation that you let Corryn or I know about ahead of time.

  5. For every three hour shift you do you may have a “meal” for free – that is a hot dog or hamburger, chips and pop or water to drink.The candy and powerade is not free for you though – please stick to this!Absolutely no free food should be given to people you know.  Umpires though are able to have a free meal and any drinks and volunteers that are there doing fields also get one free meal.

  6. Corryn Anderson is our concessions coordinator and she will be around helping you guys.Let Corryn know when you are running out of something, before it is actually gone though!She will bring you extra change too.Her phone number will be in the concession stand.

  7. Ask customers if you can help them nicely, say thank you when giving them their stuff, be POLITE.

  8. We may ask you to leave before your designated shift time is up or cancel your shift before you come.If it is not busy we can’t afford to pay people for just standing around and we never know if it is going to be busy or not for sure.It is all based on the weather and how many people end up coming to the tournament.Corryn will determine if anyone is able to leave early.

  9. Understand that sometimes there will be people waiting in line.Just keep working hard and helping each person as quickly as you can but sometimes it will just be busy and there is not much you can do about it but hope they can be patient.


If your teen is interested in being on the list of workers then click on the link below to register them.