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SBAA Fundraising Program Information

The families of every player SBAA are expected to help in fundraising for your child's youth sports organization.  By doing so, you are assisting with field improvements, equipment replacement, and in keeping the player registration fees low.

We will continue this year with the same fundraiser we have been doing the past few years:

  • When you register your child(ren) you will automatically pay for two fundraiser cards that are $25 each.  Those cards have coupons on them to area businesses and the intention is for you to sell those two cards to family or friends and in doing so receive your $50 back.
  • You will only pay for the fundraiser for the first 2 children you register.
  • Your packet of fundraiser cards will be available in April, there will be several days available when you will be able to pick up your cards.
  • Your packet will consist of 8 cards and each card sells for $25 each.  
  • Remember that two of the cards were paid for at the time of your child's registration so the proceeds from the sale of two cards is yours to keep as a "refund" from your registration.   So if you sell the first two cards and they are paying by check make sure they write the check out to you, NOT SBAA.
  • The remaining six cards are also to be sold for $25 each, with the proceeds of those going to SBAA so if a check is written have them write the check to "SBAA"
  • If your child sells all 8 cards you can obtain more cards by contacting SBAA (contact information listed below).
  • All cash and checks should be placed in the white envelope that will be included in your packet.
  • The fundraiser will run through May 2024.  By May 2024 each player should turn in their packet, which would include any unsold cards and the proceeds from the sales, to one of our 3 concession stands. 
  • It is very important that all packets are turned in by this date so we can figure out who is owed prizes and get all the funds deposited in a timely manner!


Top Card Sellers Prizes

We will reward the 3 SBAA members that sell the most fundraising cards with a Visa Gift Card.

The card total that you sell does not include the two that you keep the proceeds from.  We will base it on the actual proceeds that are turned in.  These prizes are also not cumulative. A minimum of 30 cards must be sold to qualify for these prizes.

  1. 1st Place will receive a $300 Visa or Mastercard Gift Card
  2. 2nd Place will receive a $150 Visa or MasterCard Gift Card
  3. 3rd Place will receive a $100 Visa or MasterCard Gift Card

*Ties will be decided with a drawing by the SBAA Board of Directors.

Good luck selling those cards!


Fundraising Incentive Prizes

We appreciate your selling the fundraiser cards to help your baseball and softball organization so you will receive a prize from SBAA if you sell 3 or more cards.  The amount of cards sold does not include the two that you sell and keep the proceeds of for yourself.  It will be based off the proceeds that are turned into SBAA.  The prizes listed below will not be cumulative; meaning if you sell 15 cards you do not receive the prizes listed for selling 3, 5, 10 and 15 cards; you just receive the prize for selling 15.  But, if you sell 30 cards you would receive the prize for selling 15 cards twice.

Sell 3 cards          $10 Gift Card to Dairy Queen

Sell 5 cards          $10 Gift Card to Dairy Queen, plus keep the 6th card in your packet to use or sell (keep the proceeds if you sell it so have them make that check out to you again) 

Sell 10 cards         $25 Visa Gift Card, plus keep the 6th card as above

Sell 15 cards         $50 Visa Gift Card, plus keep the 6th card as above


SBAA Fundraiser Results for 2024!


Thanks for supporting SBAA by selling for the fundraiser!