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Umpiring for Soderville/Blaine Athletic Association

2018 Umpire Registration

Register now if you want to be an umpire for the 2018 baseball season!

If you are interested in umpiring for Soderville/Blaine Athletic Association for the 2018 season then you must fill out the registration form below.  Also make sure to read all the information on this page!

Gail Hensler

Umpire Coordinator

Phone: 612-720-1822

SBAA is always looking for umpires for the baseball and softball season.  No experience is necessary but you must be 14 years of age or older as of May 1, 2018 to umpire for the 2018 season.  Others things to know:

  • The season begins the first week of May and goes through the first week of August.
  • There are only baseball games that we will need umpires for this year - NO SOFTBALL.
  • There will be games in the evening during the week that typically are scheduled at 6:30pm.  You would be asked to be at the field no later then 6:15pm.  There will also be options to umpire tournaments on weekends throughout the season.
  • You will be able to choose what games you are able to umpire so it does not have to be a set schedule; making it a very flexible job.  All scheduling will be done on a website that will be set up for our umpires so you MUST have access to a computer in order to be an SBAA umpire, no exceptions.
  • The better you umpire the more games we will give you!  And the opposite will happen if you are struggling at it.  It is a difficult position that is not meant for everyone.   Don't feel bad if you try it and it does not work out for you.
  • Your pay will be based on experience and your performance during the season ($20 + per game).
  • You will be required to buy your own umpire equipment.  SBAA will help you find the best deal and tell you what you need.  There may be some used equipment available for sale also.
  • You will be required to attend a MYAS (Minnesota Youth Athletic Association) clinic before you are able to umpire for SBAA.  You can find out when and where the clinics are by clicking on the link below.  New umpires will be required to attent the level 1 training; if you umpired for us last year then our umpire coordinator will let you know if you should register for level 1 or 2. You will have to register for and attend this on your own time.
  • Please complete the umpire registration form at the top of this page and then we will contact you. 
  • Every umpire must take a Concussion Training course.  Once you take it, it is good for 3 years.  Information regarding this is below.

Concussion Training

Governor Dayton signed the Youth Sports Concussion Bill into law effective 9/1/11.  This requires that all umpires take an online training course on concussions.  The course is free but must be completed before you are considered as an umpire for SBAA.  Please click on the link to the right to take the 30 minute training.  Go to "Take the Training" in the middle of the home page of that link.  Then return to this page of our website and fill out the Concussion Proof of Certification, also to the right. 

*If you have already take the Concussion training then all you have to do is fill out the Concussion Proof of Certification to the far right.

Heads Up Online Concussion Training Course

Click here to take the online concussion training course.

Go to "Take the Training" in the middle of the home page of that link. 

Make sure to click on "Complete Registration" when you are on the Summary page after you have done the registration.