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SBAA Volunteer Information

Read below for more information about the amount you receive back for volunteering.

We have a concession stand at the Ham Lake Lion's fields on 157th Ave, at the Ham Lake City Park fields on 153rd Ave. and at East Bethel Booster Park fields.

Click on the link to the right to sign up or contact me if you need assistance.


Volunteer Sign up - Dates Available

Click on this link to bring you to the "dibs" session so you can select a volunteer shift that works for you.

Corryn Anderson

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 763-413-3555

General Information about our Volunteer Policy

One of the greatest challenges for our organization is finding volunteers.  As a volunteer organization, we cannot function effectively if we do not have a strong volunteer base.

All SBAA members must realize that to make SBAA serve our youth, EVERYONE must help out.  Simply paying the fees and showing up for games will not help this organization create a great youth sports experience for your child.

The Volunteer Program is simple.  Every family that has a child registered in SBAA will be required to volunteer for at least one 4 hour shift sometime during the season.  Volunteer opportunities primarily involve working at one of our three concession stands or doing field maintenance during the season or at the end-of-season tournaments.  Other opportunities to volunteer may come up and we will send out emails as needs arise.

The volunteer fee will be paid on your first two children registered at the time of registration and it is $100 per child.  No matter how many children you register the maximum you will pay for a volunteer fee is $200.  Each family is required to volunteer for one 4 hour shift for each child the volunteer fee is paid for.  If you have 1 child you will pay $100 and work one (4) hour shift.  If you have 2 or more children you will pay $200. If you work one 4 hour you will get $100 back. If you work two 4 hour shifts you will get $200 back.  The fee will be refunded after completion of your volunteer assignment. You will be refunded your volunteer fee via a check in the mail.  If you receive a check in the mail and do not cash it, SBAA will consider this a donation to the organization.


*Traveling fastpitch families will be required to do one additional volunteer time to get the $300 FASTPITCH volunteer fee back.  Read below for more information.

*Tournament ball families will be required to do one additional volunteer time to get their $100 tournament ball volunteer fee back.  Read tournament team page for additional information.


It is important to understand that the purpose of this policy is not to raise revenue, but rather to improve the youth sports experience in SBAA. 

Volunteer Rain Out Policy

  • If you are scheduled to volunteer at a concession stand and we decide not to open the stand due to the weather or any other reason BEFORE you show up to the field for your shift then you will be required to reschedule your volunteer time.
  • If you show up for your volunteer shift and we cancel games and close concessions after you are already there (even if you are only there for an hour or whatever) then you will receive your volunteer fee back still.  If you want to reschedule and help out again though that would be great, but it is your choice.

Traveling Girl's Fastpitch Volunteering

If you have a child playing in traveling fastpitch (A, B or C level) then you have an additional $300 volunteer fee that you will pay by writing a check to Soderville Fastpitch.  You will need to volunteer one time for a  4 hour shift at a traveling specific tournament in order to get that $300 back - the check will never be cashed as long as you volunteer.  So traveling parents will need to volunteer 2 times total - one of them will be a 4 hour shift at any SBAA event (helping Corryn, concessions, fields at any game or tournament) and the other will be a 4 hour shift doing field work at a traveling tournament.

The tournaments that traveling fastpitch will be hosting at our fields are the tournaments you will want to volunteer at to get your $300 volunteer fee back.  You will need to help with fields in order to recieve your $300 volunteer fee back.  You can also help with concessions to receive your $100/$200 volunteer fee back.  The dates of those weekend tournaments for the 2024 season are:  TBD.  You can choose to volunteer at your child's tournament if we end up hosting their age group and team or another age group so you are not volunteering while your child is playing.  We DO NOT have the specific shifts for those weekends yet though - you will get emails from us when we are ready for you to sign up for those weekend tournaments.

Volunteering at Tournaments

We will be needing volunteers at our weekend tournaments that start the last weekend of June and go through the first weekend of August.  Those volunteer shifts have not been on the dibs page of our website to sign up for yet.  We can only put those shifts on a week or so before the weekend when we know when all the game times will be.